My love for photography started in Jr. High which led me to be on the yearbook staff. In High School my passion really blossomed when I took 2 years of film photography & developed my film in a dark room & everything. I was awarded the Photography Award my senior year. 

I later started my own business in 2009. In 2011, I started working for a photography studio where my knowledge & passion drastically increased. I managed & trained photographers there for over 2 years. After that, a much needed 2 year break was in order. Fast forward to now, I've truly found my love & passion for photography again & am so excited to be back in the game.

About ME


Thanks for wanting to get to know me!  

You can call me Ray.  I love creating art through a lens. The art of photography is what draws me in. Getting to know people in the process & to be able to create precious, lasting memories for them is the icing on the cake.  

I'm 27 & married to a handsome Brazilian. Together we have the cuuutest son in the whole wide world. We love to travel & do it often, but there's no place like home. Utah, a.k.a. beaUTAHful, is home for us. 

Driving through the mountains with the windows down during the fall, sipping on coffee & listening to Pinback is my ultimate happy place.